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Training Programs

DAWA training programs present the best opportunity to benchmark innovative practices and industry lessons from a wide spectrum. They include lectures by prominent figures in the public sector as well as experienced professionals from top global industries. Participants also get a chance to engage in site visits and activities focused on leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork and other skills that are essential in the workplace.

DAWA Programs


DAWA conferences provide special and informative experience for the participants. Participants will be exposed to top-notch sessions on the trends in Leadership & Agility, Oil& Gas and HR & Training in the new era. Participants will meet and hear from industry leaders and policymakers who influence and lead the globlal industry.


DAWA offers a highly practical workshop to enhance UDs creativity, ownership, communications, teamwork, time management, creativity & ability to solve problems under pressure to strengthen their leadership potentials.
They will have opportunities to work closely with experienced leadership professionals in a dynamic and interactive environment that will help to enhance effective leadership traits applicable directly to their job.