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DAWA Programs


Orlando, Florida

6-10 Jan, 2020

2020 International Conference: Leading Innovation & Building a Culture of Ownership


I believe that now we are ready to lead others and ourselves, and further our organization.

Manal AlFaji, Finance, PIC

Public Programs

DAWA programs present the best opportunity to benchmark innovative practices and lessons in a wide spectrum.
These programs include lectures by experts, senior officials, and policy makers in the public sector as well as experienced professionals and experts from leading organization in top global industries.


Orlando, Florida

6 - 10 Jan, 2020 (Confirmed)


Leaders Who Develop High Performing Organization

- Strategic Leadership

- Enhancing Efficiency & Effective Planning

- Sustainability & Adaptability

Fostering Organizational Culture

- Change Management

Munich, Germany

16 - 20 Mar, 2020 (TBC)

Leading Organizational Change & Enhancing Global Competitiveness

- Leading Change & Change Management

- Global Competitiveness

- Fostering Organizational Culture

- Sustainability & Adaptability

- Change Leadership

Frankfurt, Germany

30 Mar - 4 Apr, 2020 (TBC)

Strategic Leadership in the Digital Era

- Strategic Leadership

- Industry 4.0

- Change Management

- Adaptability

Orlando, Florida

13-17 Jan, 2020 (Confirmed)


Enhancing Inspirational Leadership & Creativity


- Inspirational Leadership

- Individual Creativity

- Build People's Capabilities

- Culture of Innovation

Seoul, Korea

16 - 20 Mar, 2020 (Confirmed)


Driving Performance via Inspirational Leadership

- Inspirational Leadership

- Individual Creativity

- Build People's Capabilities

- Culture of Innovation

- Driving Performance

London, UK

17 - 21 Feb, 2020 (Confirmed)

Embracing Innovation and Enhancing Global Competitiveness


- Adding Value through Innovation

- Enhancing Global Competitiveness

- Driving Positive Change

- Best Practices in the Workplace

Seoul, Korea

23 - 27 Mar, 2020 (TBC)

Developing & Motivating Your People to Achieve Your Target via Change

- Developing People

- Motivating People

- Change Management

- Adaptability

- Achieving Your Target


Tailored Programs

These programs are designed to increase operational success of businesses and organizations, whether through benchmarking development experiences of other countries or designing an interactive course to enhance specific competencies. Participants will have the opportunity to create a powerful global network and take part in the latest innovative and creative learning methods.

Based on the needs of the organization, we provide opportunities to invite key government officials and current & former leaders of outstanding global firms to learn from their experiences at the helm of large-scale change.


The programs can be accommodated by specific topics, industries, site visits, and activities.

KNPC Talent Management Program in Singapore



DAWA offers a highly practical workshop to enhance UDs creativity, ownership, communications, teamwork, time management, creativity & ability to solve problems under pressure to strengthen their leadership potentials.
They will have opportunities to work closely with experienced leadership professionals in a dynamic and interactive environment that will help to enhance effective leadership traits applicable directly to their job.

It was one of the best courses in my career.

It was a nice mix of lectures and site visits, which gave us new experience in different areas.”

Mr. Mahmoud Abdul, DCEO
Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company(KIPIC)

“Clear objective for everyone during the program and making sure everybody understands the role and responsibility really made a big difference.

I have learned that time management and dedication will get you where you want to be.”

Mr. Nayef AlEnzi, DCEO, Kuwait Oil Company(KOC)